Largest Hotels in Las Vegas (most rooms)

Last Update: April 2022


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Notes on data for # of rooms:

  1. Most other websites report the wrong figures for number of rooms.  One of them publishes bad data and everyone else copies them.  Wikipedia rarely shows a source for its room figures, and whatever figure it shows is usually wrong.  If a source shows an even number of rooms (e.g. 1500 for Virgin), it's almost certainly wrong.  (Virgin actually has 1504 rooms.)
  2. I use the best sources.  My source for properties of publicly-traded companies such as MGM, Caesars, Boyd, and Station/Red Rock are official SEC Form 10-K filings (recent as I type this in 2022).  For others, in this order, I take the first available: 10-K filing, hotel website, real newspaper/magazine, travel website.    Unless there's a lot of interest I won't go to the trouble of publishing source information.
  3. Room count for the Strip is accurate and up-to-date.  I plan to finish reviewing and updating room count for other areas this week.
  4. If a casino has multiple "hotels" in the same tower(s), I include those in the count.  For example, Mandalay Bay includes Delano and Four Seasons, and Park MGM includes NoMad. But MGM Grand doesn't include Signature at MGM Grand, since Signature is three completely separate towers.
  5. Almost no other website bothers to mention whether their count includes associated hotels.  They can't, because they have no clue how whatever site they're copying from tabulates the data.
  6. Circa trumpets "777 rooms" all over its website, but as of 3/22, only 512 are actually finished and open (which is the figure I use).  Come on, guys.
  7. In 2019 Binion's reopened its Hotel Apache, formerly with over 300 rooms, now 81 after remodeling those 81.  They're not gonna notify me if they ever open more rooms, so if you know that they have, please let me know.


  1. My figures for casino size and room sizes are more accurate than you'll find anywhere else. Usually, someone publishes bad info and then everyone else copies them, so all the sites have bad info. But for my list, I scoured things like official Gaming Commission reports and SEC filings, and checked with individual casinos in cases of discrepancies.
  2. I haven't been able to find a reliable source for the separate gaming area sizes for Circus Circus/Slots-A-Fun, Venetian/Palazzo, Wynn/Encore, only the combined size for each pair.  On 10/18/22 I wrote to Venetian and Wynn to ask for separate gaming area figures. Venetian/Palazzo won't even talk to me.  Wynn/Encore provided figures (which I use), but they're smaller than what they reported to the NV Gaming Commission, and Wynn won't explain the discrepancy.  I'm not listing the combined figure, because that would make each casino look much larger than it really is. However, I'm including the Slots-A-Fun area with the figure for Circus Circus, since CC is one of the smaller casinos and Slots-A-Fun is even tinier.

    Strip vs. Downtown Casino/Hotels
    These are general differences, not different in every case.
    Circa hotel/casino is a notable exception to most of the downtown traits listed below.
    The Strip Downtown
    Expensive hotel rooms Much cheaper
    Modern, New Older
    Luxurious; high
    casino ceilings
    Not as nice;
    low casino ceilings
    Larger rooms Smaller rooms
    All have pools Most don't
    (except Golden Nugget, Downtown Grand,
    & The Plaza)
    Higher table minimums Lower table minimums
    (cheaper to gamble)
    Mostly 6:5 blackjack
    Lots of 3:2 blackjack
    Less smoky Smokier

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