Las Vegas casino lawsuit settlements

Last update:  April 2023

Casinos get sued a lot, and often they settle, because going to trial risks losing even more, not to mention paying legal fees.  I'm starting this page to document some recent cases.  It's a work in progress.

Mandalay Bay (shooting) • Oct. 4, 2019

Mandalay Bay was the site of the worst mass-shooting in American history on Oct. 1, 2017 when a gunman busted out the window of his hotel room and fired on outdoor concert-goers, killing 61 and injuring hundreds.  Survivors and family of the dead sued Mandalay Bay, claiming that the hotel should have done more to prevent the shooting.

It's a curious argument.  Obviously staff and security had no idea that one of their guests was bringing weapons to his room or how he planned to use them.  This kind of incident had never happened before in human history so it's kind of hard to argue that it's something that staff should have known to look out for.  Had they noticed the gunman bringing several cases to his room, what were they supposed to do, ask to see the contents?  If the gunman had refused, did they have any authority to demand that he show them?  Without any idea what was in the cases that they couldn't see, should they have kicked their paying hotel guest out of his room?

Nevertheless, Mandalay Bay settled for $800M, probably because of a combination of their insurance company picking up $750M of the tab, and the facts that fighting a gazillion lawsuits would be likewise expensive and keep Mandalay Bay in the news in a bad way.

Wynn sued for not helping heart attack victim • Feb. 2023

This one is just a lawsuit so far, not a settlement.  A blackjack player had a heart attack and slumped over at the table, but the dealer just continued to deal, and no one helped the player for 20 minutes.  He died. ( 

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