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Vegan restaurants in Las Vegas

Last update: January 30, 2024

Note:  If you know of good places not listed here, or places I list which are no longer good, please let me know!
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It took them long enough, but as of 2021 Vegas strip properties are finally making more than a token effort to accommodate vegetarians and vegans.  So, you won't be pulling your hair out to find something to eat like you would before, but I'll still call out some of the better offerings here.  As always, the best stuff is off-strip.

Completely vegan & vegetarian restaurants


Crossroads Kitchen • at Resorts World (3000 S. Las Vegas Blvd.)

Vegan fine dining.  The first only only veg*n restaurant on the strip.  Opened 5/31/22.  They didn't bother to post the menu to the website, but a patron posted a pic of the menu.  They have a vegan foie gras.  Who's the target audience for that?  "I would never eat something as cruel as force-fed goose!  But I want to eat something that tastes exactly like that kind of cruelty."


Vegenation616 E. Carson Ave. #120 (3 blocks form the Fremont St. Experience) • 702-366-8515 • 11a-8p every day)

Extensive menu that's all 100% vegan.  4.5 stars on Yelp with 1763 reviews, I've never seen any other business match that.  It's worth staying downtown instead of on the strip just to be close to Vegenation.

Tacotarian • 1130 S. Casino Center Blvd. (about halfway between the Strat tower and the downtown casinos)

My wife almost cried when she heard about this place.

Paradise City Creamery197 E. California Ave. #140 (halfway between the Strip and the Downtown casinos) • 702-731-6542, Fri/Sat 5-10pm

Vegan ice cream, founded by a Las Vegas stripper.  (added 9/2020)


Project Pollo 3154 W. Sahara Ave. (1.5 miles west of the Strip)

Plant-based chicken sandwiches.  I tried it.  I would call this junk food.

The Modern Vegan700 E. Naples (2 miles east of the Strip, from Planet Hollywood) • (702) 755-8127

Chef Kenny's Vegan Restaurant6820 Spring Mountain Rd. (4 miles west of the Strip from Wynn) • (702) 889-0939

Chinese.  Everything is vegan.  They have "Beef", "Chicken", and "Fish" sections on the menu, but those are all vegan versions.

No Butcher3565 S. Rainbow Blvd. (5 miles west of the Strip, from Wynn) • (702) 268-7488

A deli and sandwich shop that makes its own in-house meatless meats and vegan cheeses, which it says "are not highly processed".

Veganos Kitchen3149 N. Rancho Dr. (6.5 miles from the Strip)

Plant-based Mexican fare.

Graze Kitchen7335 S. Buffalo Dr. (8 miles SW of the Strip, from Mandalay Bay) • (725) 204-5128

Great vegan restaurant that doesn't rely on processed fake meats.

Tarantino's7960 S. Rainbow Blvd. (8 miles SW of the Strip, from Mandalay Bay) • (725) 777-3888

Daikon Vegan Sushi7210 W. Lake Mead Blvd. (10 miles NW of the Strip, from Strat) • (702) 749-3283

Garden Grill7550 W. Lake Mead Blvd. (11 miles from the Strip from Sahara Casino)

Closed / Out of Business

if you can no longer find these on the web, that's why

Bombay Indian (north of Wynn) • Cottage Café Paradise Rd.Erby's Vegetarian Cafe & Juice Bar 4596 W. Spring Mntn. (2 mi. W. of the Strip)Gaylord's IndianGo Vegan Café (5875 S. Rainbow)Go Raw CaféLong Life Vege Restaurant 4130 S. Sandhill; closed in 2011Miko's IzakayaNamaste Indian • Origin India • P.F. Chang's 4130 S. Sandhill; closed in 2011Raw Truth Cafe East location • Rainbow's End Natural Foods (1100 E. Sahara, closed circa 2020)Red Velvet CaféShalimar Fine Indian Cuisine 3900 Paradise RdVege-WayVeggie Delight 3504 WynnVeggie House 5115 Spring Mtn.

Truly veggie-friendly restaurants

These are places with lots of and/or exceptional vegetarian offerings.  I don't list a place just because they have a token veggie burger or something.  The list is roughly in order from North to South.  My Vegas Strip Map will help you get oriented.  I also made a special Google map of Indian lunch buffets.

On the strip

Divine Dosa & Biryani3049 S. Las Vegas Blvd.

Excellent and affordable South Indian fare, with tons of veg*n options.

FASHION SHOW MALL, 3200 S. Las Vegas Blvd.

  • India Masala • Fast-casual restaurant.  Tons of vegetarian options, though only one vegan.
  • OPA! of Greece • Wraps, falafel, hummus, chickpea salad.
  • Pizza Press • Daiya cheese option!


Brera osteria has a vegan menu, and Venetian took the time to detail the vegan options at its various restaurants.  Like everything at the Venetian, expect to pay a lot.

P. F. Chang's (inside Planet Hollywood)

Chinese.  Menu has a vegetarian section with five separate entrees.  Also has five veggie sides and four appetizers.  Everything on the menu that's vegetarian is denoted with a special mark.  And brown rice is available instead of white!

Near the Strip (listed from North to South)

Komol (Thai)953 E. Sahara Ave (0.75 mi. E. of the Strip) • 702-731-6542, 11am-10pm x7

Komol has a generous vegan and vegetarian sections on its menu. Vegetarians used to having to pick the one veggie item at a restaurant will be overwhelmed with the choices here.  The atmosphere is also nice and the food is satisfying.  A warning, I got one of the dinner sets (#3, I think) and it came with a soup that was mostly oil.  It looked like they used four parts oil and one part water.  The waiter noticed I didn't eat it and he graciously offered to bring me a normal soup, which I was happy to accept.  Note that Namaste Indian (below) is in the same shopping center.

Mount Everest India Cuisine • 3641 Sahara @ Rainbow (2 miles West of the Strip; take the #204 bus from Sahara Casino) • 702-892-0950 • M-F 11am-9pm

Offers a whopping 18 vegetarian items on their menu.

Ronald's Donuts  • 4600 Spring Mountain Road (1.5 miles West of the Strip, near Arville St.), 702-873-1032

If you're not a veg*n for health reasons, you'll love this place, since you can't get more junk food than white flour, sugar, and fat.  Most of the donuts and pastries here are vegan, and are on two completely separate shelves from the non-vegan stuff.  Note that they tend to close EARLY, like around 4pm, and 2pm on Sundays.

India Palace505 E. Twain Ave (1 mile E. of the Strip; on Spring Mtn./Sands/Twain, which is all the same street. Get on the #203 bus on Spring Mtn. or Sands. It runs about every 30 mins. and gets there in 5 mins.) • 702-796-4177

The vegetarian section of their menu boasts a whopping 17 vegetarian entrees, not even counting the veggie options on the South Indian part of their menu like dosas.

Mint Indian Bistro ★★★★★ • 730 E. Flamingo (1.5 miles E. of the Strip; catch the #202 bus on Flamingo) • 702-894-9334

Editor's pick!  Their menu explicitly lists seven vegan entrees, as well as an additional two more vegetarian entrees.  They also have vegan naan (!), and explicitly list which appetizers and breads are vegan.  Wow!  Why can't all restaurants be like this?  But I'm not done yet: their lunch buffet is almost entirely vegetarian and has several explicitly-labeled vegan items.  Eighteen thumbs up.

India Oven + India Masala1040 E. Flamingo Rd. (2 mi. E. of the Strip; take the #202 Flamingo bus)  702-431-8313, 11:30-3pm, 5:30-10pm

These two restaurants merged.  Serves north + south Indian cuisine.

Ferraro’s Ristorante4480 Paradise Rd. (1 mile E. of the Strip from Planet Hollywood) 702-364-5300 • M-F 11:30am-2pm, Sat/Sun 5-10:30pm

Vegan section of the menu has 13 (!) items.  Entrees start at $22 (in 2024).

Gandhi India's Cuisine • 4080 Paradise Rd. (1 mile E. of the Strip along Flamingo; catch the #202 bus on Flamingo) 702-734-0094, 11am-2:30, 5-10:30 x7

A whopping 19 vegetarian choices are listed explicitly on their menu.  And like just about every Indian restaurant in town, they have a lunch buffet.  Really nice interior and tableware, would impress a date.

Paymon's Mediterranean Café4147 S. Maryland Parkway (just S. of Flamingo; 2 mi. E. of the Strip), 702-731-6030

Offering Greek, Italian, Persian, Middle Eastern, and Indian fare, much of it vegetarian, and much of that vegan.  The vegan & vegetarian items are clearly identified on the menu, leaving out the guesswork.  A 29-time "Best of Las Vegas Winner" from the Las Vegas Review-Journal (as of 2021).

Abyssinia Ethiopian • 4780 W. Tropicana (next to Orleans casino; take the #201 Tropicana bus) 702-220-5304 • Open 11am-4am daily

One of the better Ethiopian restaurants, with a large vegetarian section, and my go-to for Ethiopian since Cottage Café closed.  Get the Veggie Combo.


Whole Foods Market6689 Las Vegas Blvd. S (in Town Square Shopping Center • Take the Deuce or Strip Xpress bus)  702-589-7711, 8am-10pm every day

Large organic / natural foods grocery store. 


Viva Mercado • 3553 S. Rainbow (4 miles West of the Strip)
    702-871-8826, M-W 11-10, Th-Sat 11-11, Sun 11-10

A veggie-friendly Mexican restaurant. Their sopa and rice contain chicken broth, but at least they tell you that in large bold letters on the menu so you know what not to order. Their beans are fried in canola oil and they have a vegetarian section on their menu with seven different entrees.  The overwhelming majority of the menu is meat-laden, but it's still a relief when a restaurant takes specific notice of vegetarian diners by printing a note about ingredients and offering a complete vegetarian section on its menu, which is certainly enough for them to get a listing on this page.

Paymon's Mediterranean Café8380 W. Sahara Ave. (6 miles W. of the Strip), 702-804-0293

Offering Greek, Italian, Persian, Middle Eastern, and Indian fare, much of it vegetarian, and much of that vegan.  The vegan & vegetarian items are clearly identified on the menu, leaving out the guesswork.  A 29-time "Best of Las Vegas Winner" from the Las Vegas Review-Journal (as of 2021).

Whole Foods Market • 8855 W. Charleston (9 miles West of the Strip), 702-254-8655, 8am-10pm every day AND 7250 W. Lake Mead. @ Tenaya (9 miles West of downtown; map),• 702-942-1500, 7am-10pm x7

Two West locations for this large organic/natural foods grocery store.

Out of Business

Tamba Indian.  It was in the Hawaiian Marketplace, which was demolished.  I thought they might relocate, but their website makes no mention and they're not answering their phone.


In 2011, I ate at every single buffet on the Strip with the intention of reviewing them, and to use the experience to try to lobby buffet managers to offer more veg*n food and to label what's veg*n and what isn't.  Short summary:  They were all bad (few options and nearly nothing labeled), and I didn't get around to the reviewing or lobbying.

Fast forward ten years, and there's been some improvement. 

  1. Caesars, which claims to have the largest buffet at 25,000 square feet, around 2021 added over a hundred vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, and they're labeled as such.  (You might be disturbed by the entire, dead pig that's laid out on the line, though, including the head.)
  2. Wynn has a fair number of vegan options, which are labeled.
  3. Planet Hollywood has a Mediterranean station with falafel, hummus, dolmas, baba ganoush, and tabouleh.
  4. The rest?  It's gonna be a while before I can visit all the buffets again to see how accommodating they are, but it seems that the trend is good.

Lesser offerings

These are places with just some token veg*n options on the menu, or are otherwise nothing special.

On the Strip
listed from North to South

Circus Circus (across the street from Circus Circus at 322 W. Sahara; cross Sahara to get to it) Capriotti's Sandwich Shop has a vegetarian section on its menu, with four sandwiches.
Slots-A-Fun (between Circus Circus and Westward Ho) Has a Subway sandwich shop.
Fashion Show Mall 3200 S. Las Vegas Blvd. California Pizza Kitchen.  Four veggie pizzas and several veggie pastas.  Vegans note that the stuffed ravioli has cheese.
India Masala (tons of vegetarian options, but only one vegan)
Johnny Rockets (one veggie burger)
OPA! of Greece (wraps, falafel, hummus, chickpea salad)
Pizza Press (Daiya cheese option!)
Solo Qui (pasta with marinara sauce, panini).
x Panda Express: Nothing is vegetarian; every seemingly-vegetarian item has secret meat and/or fish ingredients.
Mirage California Pizza Kitchen (see Fashion Show Mall above for description)
Treasure Island / Venetian Subway across the street from Treasure Island, next to the Venetian. Beware of the Grand Lux Café which perverts things you'd expect to be vegetarian. (e.g., the Crispy Sesame Tofu has oyster sauce, that fact isn't disclosed on the menu, and not all of the staff are even aware of this and might give you the wrong answer if you ask about it).
Casino Royale Subway inside the Casino Royale.
Harrah's Chipotle (burritos) between Harrah's and Casino Royale
Linq Subway
Bally's Sidewalk Café has a portobello mushroom sandwich.
Harley Davidson Café
3725 Las Vegas Blvd. S.
Harley Davidson Café has an Veggie Wrap with roasted carrots, zucchini, yellow squash, shredded lettuce, and portabello mushrooms, wrappend in a tomato basil tortilla with a cream cheese ranch spread, served with seasonal fruit. Also has a veggie burger, grilled on the same grill as the meat.
New York New York
Food Court across the street from NY NY, 24 hours
In the food court across from NY NY, Del Taco offers cheap 1/2-lb. bean & cheese burritos.  Vegans should ask them to hold the cheese and sour cream.)  There's also a Subway here (and a Panda Express, which looks vegetarian, but has secret meat and fish ingredients).

In NY NY itself, their burger shop has veggie burgers on the menu.  And I found this on a messageboard: "Il Fornaio at New York NY has vegan minestrone and a vegan salad. Everything is made on site, and they are very good about answering questions."
MGM Grand
Subway Sandwiches in the Grand Canyon Shops next to the MGM Grand.
Mandalay Bay The Border Grill has Portabello Mushroom Mulitas ("grilled marinated mushrooms layered with black beans, roasted peppers, and pickled onions served with roasted tomato sauce braised greens, and guacamole").


Subway Sandwiches in Terminal C.


The Beat Coffeehouse (520 Fremont)
Roasted veggie sandwich and veggie pizza on the menu.
Walgreens Has a Subway sandwich shop.
Four Queens  (Fremont & 3rd) Has a Subway sandwich shop.
The Plaza (Fremont & Main) Has a Subway sandwich shop.


Merkato & Axum Ethiopian Restaurants • 855 & 8630 E. Twain (2 mi. E. of the Strip), 702-796-1231 & 640-9440 If you want Ethiopian, Abyssinia (above) is a much better choice.  Merkato and Axum are right across the street from each other, in a not-so-great neighborhood, and the atmosphere and food are both below average.  At Merkato the cooked greens were quite rancid. (Leave a bag of frozen vegetables on the counter for a couple of days and then open it, and it's the same smell.)  Merkato's food was also super-greasy.  I saw a roach scurry across the bar.  The vegetarian section of the menu was rather sparse, and the description for one of the items in it was vegetables and beef!  At Axum, I've never had drier, nastier injera in my life.

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