Teaching about gambling in high school

Last update: January 2021

I've always daydreamed about creating a YouTube video series, "Things they should have taught you in high school."  At the top of that list would be the ins and outs of casino gambling—addiction, the house edge, betting systems, etc.  I've also mused about offering to teach that as a course at a local high school.

Well, if I ever get around to it, it looks like now I might not be the first, because there's a proposal in Maryland to teach the risks of gambling.  It's a move I applaud.  It might be a cliché to say that Knowledge is Power, but at the same time it's absolutely true, and that goes double when we're talking about casino gambling.  People lose more than they should because they don't know how the system works, because nobody ever taught them.  Teaching this stuff in high school won't eliminate addictive gambling, but it'll take a lot of future gamblers from losing a lot to losing a little.  It would be great if this were taught nationwide.


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