Reason I like Bovada #3:

One-stop shopping

Let me share my experience at another online casino whose name I won't mention:  I wanted to try out their free-play games, and they made me sign up for an account.  That was annoying, just for free-play, but actually most casinos make you register, so they can annoy you by email to pressure you into depositing real money.

I didn't get to choose my own username, they assigned one, and it was long! An astounding twelve digits of mixed numbers and letters.  There was no way I'd be able to memorize it, I'd have to write it down.

After trying out the free-play games I decided to deposit money and play for real.  And guess what? I had to register a separate account to play for real.  They assigned me a brand-new twelve-digit username.  Great.

Shortly thereafter they started offering play-in-browser games.  That's convenient, so I wanted to get in on that.  Guess what?  Yet another username.

And guess how they handle they money they give you as a matching bonus on your deposit?  You guessed it, another account.

Okay, now let's fast-forward to Bovada: One account gets you everything.  And I mean everything.  Real money, fake money, bonuses, you name it.  I didn't get to choose my account name, but at least it's easy to remember.

And if you want to play for free with fake money, you don't even need an account at all.  For example:

Play for free, no B.S.
One click and you're in.

All in all, I think Bovada is the best bet for U.S. players.

Gambling problem?
  1. Call the 800-522-4700 hotline or get online help
  2. See these horror stories.
  3. Know that Parkinson's drugs encourage gambling.

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Gambling problem?
  1. Call the 800-522-4700 hotline or get online help
  2. See these horror stories.
  3. Know that Parkinson's drugs encourage gambling.

8 ways to Gamble Smart

Last update:  July 2019

I know, some people consider "gambling smart" to be an oxymoron.  After all, wagering on games where you'll probably lose does sound kind of stupid.  As one person told me, "If I ever feel like gambling, I just drive by the casino and throw some money at it."  So if you don't want to gamble, I don't blame you.  I even made a list of other things to do in Vegas.

On the other hand, with proper strategy, you can expect to lose less than $10/hour.  That's about what you'd spend on a movie, and a lot less than many other forms of entertainment.  For someone who can easily afford a $10 loss, I have a hard time calling that stupid.

So if you're intent on gambling, let's learn how to do it right.

1. Set a daily loss limit.

There's a sure-fire way to avoid losing too much:  Set a daily limit for how much you're willing to lose, and when you lose it, stop playing.  I know, you'll say that's either too obvious or no fun, and I'm trying to harsh your mellow.  Whatever, but the fact remains, if you make a loss limit and stick to it, then you'll never get in over your head.

Don't set only a trip limit, because you might lose it all on the first day of your trip.  A trip limit and a daily limit is the way to go.  Set it and respect it!

2. Quit while you're ahead.

You'll do this by setting a session win limit.  Pick an amount that you'd be happy to win, say $50, $100, $300, whatever.  If you get ahead by that much, then stop playing, at least for a while.  If you keep playing, you're likely to just give your winnings back to the house.  You will have blown not just your winnings but the opportunity to feel like a winner for more than a few minutes.  So stop, and do anything besides gambling.  Whatever it is you're doing, you'll feel like a winner while you're doing it.  It beats feeling like a loser, which is how you feel if you turn around and give your winnings right back to the casino.

If you absolutely must continue to play, then set your winnings aside and never play them; play only your original bankroll.

3. Calculate your average loss.

Don't fly blind, get an idea for how much you'll lose on average.  My Average Loss Calculator makes quick work of that:

Turn your phone sideways for a better calculator!
Average Loss Calculator
Game Rounds / Rolls
Per Hour
Bet per round House Edge Average Avg. Loss for
hour(s) hrs
of play

Video Poker





Play online casino games with fake money!  It's better than losing real money.

4. Don't play slots.

Slots bleed you dry quickly.  Check the average loss calculator above and see what I mean.  If you must play slots, then see my page on slot strategies.

5. Play only Blackjack, Craps, or Baccarat.

As you'll see from the Average Loss Calculator above, these are the only games that won't bleed you dry.  Video poker can be a good bet if (1) you can find a decent machine, like 9/6 Jacks or Better, but those are extremely rare on the strip, and (2) you use the proper strategy.  If you just guess, your loss will be so high that you might as well be playing slots.

6. Use the proper strategy for whatever game you're playing.

The figures shown in the Average Loss Calculator assume that you're making the best plays.  If you make bad bets or bad strategy, your loss will be much higher.


7. Bet small and play slowly.

The more you bet the more you'll lose.  And the faster you play, the more you'll lose.  So, bet small and play slowly.  The best way to play slowly is to play at full tables.  It's fun to play with other people, anyway.

8. Get a player's card and use it.

Every casino has a Player's Club desk where you can sign up for a Player's Card, and it's always free.  This is absolutely the best deal in Vegas, for many reasons:

  1. You often get something good just for signing up, like a hat, a deck of cards, or valuable coupons that are actually worth using.
  2. Just by signing up for the card, there's a good chance you'll get mail offers for free or deeply discounted rooms.  Even if you don't gamble at all.
  3. If you do gamble, you can get even more goodies like free meals, show tickets, and rooms.  See my article on getting comps.

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Before you throw down your hard-earned cash in a casino, PRACTICE FIRST!  Learn the games with play money where it doesn't cost you anything if you lose.  Seriously.





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