Map of the Las Vegas Strip, March 26, 2022

Here's the current map if you're looking for the current version.

Circa March 23, I added a feature requested on the Internet: A checkbox under the map highlights which casino/hotels are owned by MGM Resorts and which are owned by Caesars Entertainment. (Feature available only on the current version, not this archived page.)

Then another upgrade on March 26: Last year I'd added that feature where you could point to any casino to see what used to be there.  But it worked only on desktop computers.  Well, on this day I upgraded it to work on mobile (phones, tablets) as well, by tapping instead of pointing.  It went viral thanks to a retweet by Vital Vegas (who's got 116 million followers, which is like 1/3 of the U.S. population).  Twitter users pointed out some defunct casinos that I missed, so I added them later that day.

  • Added defunct casinos: Boardwalk, Frontier, Riviera, Westward Ho.
  • McCarran Airport renamed to Harry Reid Airport
  • Made the shape of the Aria Express tram line more accurate

Older versions of my strip map

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